Created by Tammy Turner, Scoggins Middle School Librarian, Frisco, TX.

Last updated August 24, 2010.

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Welcome to the Scoggins Library Homepage, Seahawks!

A picture of the Scoggins' mascot, the Seahawk!

A library is more than great books, although it is definitely a place to find those; it's also a resource center. By using this website, you can not only find books, but you can also conduct research, learn about activities at the library, and find resources to help you with your school work!

A picture of a magnifying glass and a computer. HIP
Browse the library's selection using HIP.
A picture of three shelves of books in a library. Library Services and Programs
When's the next Book Club meeting? When's family night? Find out what's going on at the library here!
A picture of a pencil. Book Club Blog
Read and respond to literature on our Scoggins Book Club blog!
A picture of a microphone. Library Podcasts
Listen to our weekly Scoggins Library podcasts.
Resources and Games
Find resources and games to help you in all of your subjects from math to theatre arts.
A picture of a microscope. Research Help
Need help getting started on your research? Find tips for completing your next research assignment here.
A picture of a checklist. MLA Help
What is MLA? How do I know where to put my puncuation marks? Find instructions for completing your works cited page here.
A picture of a teacher's desk. Teacher's Page
Copyright Laws in a user-friendly format. Also, information on how to put submit assignment alerts to the Frisco Public Library.
A picture of a librarian. Librarian's Page
Information about your librarian, Mrs. Turner.